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thesideoftheweepingangels asked: hey, i see that you're attending csu. i just started as well. i don't really have any friends so i hope it's okay that i'm messaging you. my name is cassie and i'm double majoring in physics and computer science. how are you doing? classes going well so far?

Can you ask me this question on my new blog, novemberwishes? I really want to answer it!!

tronsolo asked: Wait, new blog?

Yeah I followed you on it. Find me.

I can finally blog without worrying what the people I know IRL will do.

Follow back if I followed you on my new one!

All you stupid hipster blogs, do you even understand what it means to be depressed and want to kill yourself?

Depression isn’t the new trend. Stop acting like it.

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God bless November. For it gives us many great pleasures. Please allow me to tell you about a few of my favorite November pleasures.

  1. Stuffing. I don’t know why I like stuffing. Because, when I think about it, all it really is, is ‘wet seasoned bread’, but I go nuts for it.
  2. Cranberry sauce. My taste buds do a jig for this shit.
  3. Novembeards. Self explanatory.

4. My birthday.

if you could be any mythological creature, which would you be?


inb4 mermaid

NO WAIT. I change my answer from unicorn to phoenix. Please read this Greta.

oh…..hi guys.

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Peaceful morning (by  David.Keochkerian )






A black man’s role in a scary movie

An asian guys dick.

Sex with a fat guy.

a virgin getting laid for the first time

this post

I love this outfit.

carluhh replied to your post: carluhh replied to your post: carluhh replied to…
Oops, the green one wears the cow-hat, nevermind. It’s a top-hat with a cow pattern on it, lol.

Lol oh okay. I never watched that show. I had to look up the purple one’s name.